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The Next Generation of EV Charge Point Management: Introducing EVesto by

Apr 24, 2023

As we move towards a more sustainable future and the popularity of electric vehicles continues to rise, the need for effective and reliable charge point management software is essential., a well-established player in the EV cloud development arena, released its Charge Point Management Software (CPMS) in 2020, now proudly named "EVesto". Today marks the momentous launch of the EVesto website, ushering in a new era for CPMS technology.

EVesto has transformed the EV charge point management landscape with a complete self-service environment designed to scale with Charge Point Operators’ (CPO's) needs. With its core principles of low cost, zero commission, and plug-and-play simplicity, EVesto redefines industry standards.

At the heart of EVesto lies the hallmark features of, setting the bar for customer expectations. EVesto offers unlimited scaling, allowing CPOs to connect as many chargers as they want without limitations. They are also fiercely independent, with no hidden agendas or strings attached, giving CPOs full control through their customer portal. EVesto's pricing is highly competitive, starting at just €1.00 per connector. They offer support for AC and DC chargers, including a self-service portal, API integration, and automated onboarding. The seamless integration with today's leading roaming hubs like, Gireve, and Hubject, and full support for the latest OCPI and OCPP protocols, make EVesto an attractive proposition for CPOs.

EVesto currently boasts an unprecedented uptime of over 99.9%. The company is dedicated to providing real-time updates on its system's performance. This commitment ensures that users remain well-informed and can witness firsthand the smooth operations powering their businesses. To display their transparency, EVesto extends an open invitation to all users to check the status of their CPMS by visiting

Furthermore, Longship's partnership with Deftpower enables customers to be both CPO and EMP, offering a total package of charging infrastructure, charging station management, and public charging. The partnership also enables customers to offer reimbursement solutions.

Developed by an experienced EV cloud development team, EVesto is trusted by many great customers. The team consists of Tom Kuijsten, Riccardo Becker, and Sebastiaan Groeneveld. Their combined expertise in the EV charging industry provides an unbeatable foundation for the future success of EVesto.

The launch of EVesto is an exciting new chapter for While EVesto is set to revolutionize the market, remains the backbone of this innovative product, further establishing its position as a leader in the EV software experience.

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