First Fisker Wallbox Charger Installed
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First Fisker Wallbox Charger Installed

May 12, 2023

Today, we received a glimpse of what the Fisker Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV charger looks like installed in someone's garage. It just so happens to be the garage of Henrik Fisker. He shared a couple photos of the latest electric SUV he's testing out in Los Angeles. The photos show off a wet Fisker Ocean in the garage of his Southern California home.

We’ve seen a few Fisker Ocean customers receive their recently purchased EV charging solution. However, none of them have shared the installation yet. We certainly have never seen one in a garage next to a Fisker Ocean! Henrik's Fisker Wallbox EV charger could be the first photographed next to a Fisker Ocean in a home garage.

The EV charger looks really clean on his garage wall next to an illuminated Fisker neon light. The Pulsar Plus home charger is hardwired on Henrik's wall. For example, you can tell since the cord for the wall plug is not present. Typically, it would be to the left of the CCS mobile charging connector. The charger comes with a 25 foot charging cable. Wonder if Henrik's charging cable reaches the front driver-side charging port on the Fisker Ocean or if he needs to back into his garage to charge the electric SUV?

Below are photos from Fiskerati Forums members who shared the unboxing of their Fisker Wallbox home EV charger. Let us know in the comments how you plan to charge your Fisker Ocean.

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