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Mobile Energy Supply

Jan 21, 2024

By Author James Smythe

Posted on 9th June 2023

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Our lives are becoming increasingly mobile, and our need for electricity is growing all the time. Whether travelling, camping or in emergency situations – we all need a reliable energy supply.

That's where our portable solar panels come in.

Our portable solar panels, also called mobile solar panels, are a great way to be independent of traditional power sources. They are lightweight, compact and easy to transport. Once set up, they produce environmentally friendly electricity from solar energy that can be used for a variety of purposes.

With one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry at 23.7%, you can make the most of the sun and convert sunlight into clean energy. When paired with the rechargeable Jackery Portable Power Stations, solar power can be stored in the lithium power station and keep all your gear charged.

The foldable solar panel is one of the easiest and most popular on-the-go innovations.

It is designed to fold up for easy portability. When unfolded, it provides a larger surface area to absorb more sunlight and thus produce more energy.

A foldable solar panel is especially practical for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. It can be attached to a bag or backpack and replenish energy reserves on the go. It's also a great option for people who live in RVs or campers and are looking for a portable and ecofriendly power source.

Another advantage of foldable solar panels is that they save space. When folded, they take up very little space and can be easily stored in a backpack or bag. This makes them an ideal solution for people who travel and have limited space for luggage.

The foldable solar panel is another option for efficient power supply. Compared to traditional solar panels, foldable solar panels have higher efficiency and can produce more electricity. They are also more flexible and can be adapted to different surfaces, making them ideal for use in difficult terrain.

A foldable solar panel is a great choice for people looking for a portable power source that can be set up quickly and easily. It can also be used as a backup power source in case of an emergency, as it can be quickly put into operation.

Also, a practical solution for home use is a solar powered power station system for those looking for a convenient and reliable power source. A power station is a battery-powered unit that is charged via solar panels. It is portable and can be used anywhere.

Solar panels for power stations can be either foldable or non-foldable. They provide a reliable and environmentally friendly power source for home or outdoor use.

If you also want to be more independent from traditional power sources, Jackery 100% has just the solution you're looking for. Whether you love to travel or just want to save the environment, Jackery products are exactly what you're missing for your next trip.

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Posted on 9th June 2023

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